your animal life is over machine life has begun. The road to immortality

The guardian


In California, radical scientists and billionaire backers think the technology to extend life – by uploading minds to exist separately from the body – is only a few years away. 


the fallacy of favoring Gradual Replacement Mind Uploading Over Scan-and-Copy

institute of ethics and emerging technologies


This paper demonstrates a chain of reasoning that establishes metaphysical equivalence between these two methods in terms of preserving personal identity.


The Neuroscientist Who Wants To Upload Humanity To A Computer

Popular science


Read about Dr. Randal Koene recruiting top neuroscientists to help him make humans live forever.


Breakthrough philanthropy

Thiel foundation


Watch the entire program of this innovative event, featuring the most visionary non-profits innovating in service of humanity.


Randal Koene on whole brain emulation

Machine learning research institute


An interview with the Machine Learning Research Institute and Dr. Randal Koene on Whole Brain Emulation.


Experimental enhancement of neurphysiological function

Frontiers in systems neuroscience


Enhancing brain function entails controlling neuronal function. There are several methods available for this which led to some relevant experimental data. Read about them here.


winter intelligence conference

future of humanity institute 


Watch Dr. Koene discuss Substrate Independent Minds. 



Issues Magazine


In pursuing a Utopian world of perfect post-humans, we may irrevocably undermine what makes us human in the first place. Our lives are a composite of actions and experiences, and our minds depend on our bodies and the environment - but do they have to? 





In this interview, Dr. Randal Koene gives a wonderful overview of the current state and future prospects of R&D regarding substrate-independent minds.


Carboncopies-Realistic Routes to Substrate-Independent Minds

Kurzweil accelerating intelligence


What might brains and minds look like in the future? Read how Carboncopies is offering a networking platform and hub around which experts in the individual fields relevant to ASIM can gather and exchange ideas.


whole brain emulation, a roadmap

the future of humanity institute and oxford university


Whole brain emulation (WBE), the possible future one‐to‐one modelling of the function of the human brain, is academically interesting and important for several reasons. Read about why in this roadmap WBE roadmap.


Advances towards substrate independent minds

methodology at carboncopies

Neural interfaces, Neural Prostheses and Whole Brain Emulation


a New Strategy for Human Evolution, Congress Proceedings

2045 Strategic social initiative

This is the Advance Release version (0.71a) of the Congress Proceedings & Transcripts for Global Future 2045: Towards a New Strategy for Human Evolution. The Advance Release version contains some – but not all – transcripts of talks given at the Congress.  


Humanity plus youtube videos

humanity hong kong

Videos of conference presentations, interviews with interesting people, montages of ideas, attempts at short documentaries, and other amazing collections.


randal koene - substrate independent minds

singularity summit

Dr. Koene presents the concept of substrate-independent minds (SIM) and gives an outline of a feasible approach to SIM by means of whole brain emulation.


The Neuroscientist Who Wants To Upload Humanity To A Computer

oxford agi society 

The AGI conferences are the only major conference series devoted wholly and specifically to the creation of AI systems possessing general intelligence at the human level and ultimately beyond. By gathering together active researchers in the field, for presentation of results and discussion of ideas, we accelerate our progress toward our common goal.




Intelligence unbound

the future of uploaded and machine minds by russell blackford


Intelligence Unbound explores the prospects, promises, and potential dangers of machine intelligence and uploaded minds in a collection of state-of-the-art essays from internationally recognized philosophers, AI researchers, science fiction authors, and theorists. Compelling and intellectually sophisticated exploration of the latest thinking on Artificial Intelligence and machine minds Features contributions from an international cast of philosophers, Artificial Intelligence researchers, science fiction authors, and more Offers current, diverse perspectives on machine intelligence and uploaded minds, emerging topics of tremendous interest Illuminates the nature and ethics of tomorrow’s machine minds—and of the convergence of humans and machines—to consider the pros and cons of a variety of intriguing possibilities Considers classic philosophical puzzles as well as the latest topics debated by scholars. Covers a wide range of viewpoints and arguments regarding the prospects of uploading and machine intelligence, including proponents and skeptics, pros and cons.


A taxonomy and metaphysics of mind-uploading

by keith wiley


Mind Uploading: The process of transferring one's mind from the brain to a new substrate, generally a computer. It is the stuff of science fiction, immediately recognizable in contemporary literature and cinema. However, it has also become increasingly respectable--or at least approachable--within technological, neurological, and philosophical circles. This book begins with a rich taxonomy of hypothetical procedures by which mind-uploading might be achieved, even if only in the realm of thought experiment. This is likely the most thorough collection of such procedures yet compiled and should form the basis of any reader's personal philosophy of mind and mind-uploading. It then offers one such philosophy of mind, along with an analysis and interpretation of the scenarios in the taxonomy through the lens of this philosophy. This book will be an important component of any curious reader's developing philosophy of mind and mind-uploading.


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